Pre Squat warm up routine

Are you warming up before your workout? If so , is your warm up exercise specific? Would you like to know how to warm up before performing SQUATS?

The goal of a warm up, is not just to elevate the heart rate, and get more blood flow to the muscles, joints, and tendons that are about to be worked but also activate and mobilise those muscle groups that will be engaged in performing the exercise.⁠

Squat is a compound, full body exercise and no muscle group should be neglected.⁠

What to do step by step?⁠

1. Move in a fast tempo in different directions - let your heart rate rise. Moving in different platforms will increase your coordination - the ability to use different parts of the body together smoothly and efficiently.⁠

2. Test your squat - see where your limitations are and mobilise accordingly⁠

- ankles, hips, thoracic spine.

4. Activate & stabilize your core (banded monster or lateral walks + bear walks, hollow body)⁠.

5. Activate your CNS (central nervous system controls every movement in your body - better get it working before you start doing heavy squats) - chose an exercise that will imitate your main exercise movement pattern. eg. long jumps or squat jumps⁠.