How to get desired results from your diet & training?


Implement the 3 rules into your routine and you will get an incredible outcome really soon.


One’s ability to rest & recover can either enhance or detract their training results.

Recovery between sessions is just as vital to their progress as their time spent training. Too often this area is overlooked and undervalued. The recovery process restores your glycogen, replenishes energy levels, and helps rebuild stronger muscles. It all makes progress.

What are the recovery strategies?

  • Incorporating active recovery - light physical activity such as walking, light cycling or mobility exercises. Staying active on your training days can improve recovery by increasing blood flow, flushing lymph fluid, and may help reduce inflammation.

  • Adding therapeutic sessions such as massage or relaxing bath with Epsom salts. Those sessions improve circulation and bring more oxygen and nutrients to all areas of the body. Deep tissue massage can help with muscle tension. Swedish massage can help your body relax and eliminate the stress factors.

  • Implementing lifestyle strategies such as self-care, meditation, stress management, sleep hygiene. Practice deep breathing, meditation, listening to the music, playing with kids, yoga, have sex - all of those will bring your body back to calm your nervous system down. Get seven to nine hours of sleep and take care of your sleeping hygiene.

  • Deloading - adjusting the rest time between sessions according to the needs. Rest, take time off from exercises! When rest is planned well, it can actually enhance results. Deloading strategies are regularly used by athletes to boost their recovery system.

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of recovery. It is more than just “not training”. It is a process that requires planning and strategy, and it has to be implemented in every long-term training plan.