How to get desired results from your diet & training?


Implement the 3 rules into your routine and you will get an incredible outcome really soon.


The first law of thermodynamics - energy can not be created or destroyed, only transferred.

The energy is simply being converted from one format (food) to another (energy used up by our cells).

Energy balance = Energy in - Energy Out

Weight Loss - calorie deficit.

Energy in < Energy Out

In simple words: You have to eat less than you are expediting - obviously.

If your body has an inexhaustible source of energy from food that you deliver constantly, it will never reach for the energy stored in fat. Why should it??? It is really hard work to break the fat tissue. Our bodies are looking for the easiest ways. No challenge - no effort.

If you are not supplying enough food, your body is going to look for other sources of energy, eg. fat.

However not only fat is a source of energy. Our bodies also use amino acids (building blocks of our muscles) as energy.

Muscle gain - calorie surplus.

Energy in > Energy Out

Food that you are consuming is being used first as an energy source, then as a building block and lastly, it is being stored in adipose tissue (fat cells) around your body.

No building blocks - no building. To gain muscle mass you have to consume more than you use.

However, if there is no requirement for a muscle to absorb the food (no training = no muscle breakdown - no need to rebuild), all excessive food will be stored in the fat cells.

Thankfully not everything in our bodies is as obvious as 1+1=2.

Good news is that depending on your fitness level, smart training planning, personalized diet plan & supplementation, there can be some muscle gain associated with weight loss and almost no fat gain associated with muscle build -:)