What to do when things turn bad? It happens to all of us at some point. The problem is that life doesn’t care that we are on a delicate journey to transform our life and cultivate new ways of thinking. It doesn’t care that this change itself causes stress and drains all of our mental energy. No - like a stubborn child, it can just pour more problems down on you, and then some, and then some more. It isn’t the matter of will it happen, but when?

So the best strategy, like always, is to be prepared.

How to deal with setbacks: First of all - setbacks WILL occur. Life won’t always be easy and sunny. When it happens, it will test your discipline, motivation, willpower, and your systems and routines.

The common setbacks are:

· Acute illnesses, like cases of flu or injuries

· Burnout and depression

· Work-related difficulties and losing one’s job

· Relationship problems like a divorce or cruel boss

· Money issues

· Problems in the family circle

· Something as simple as your original plan or goals not working out the way you planned

Those setbacks may be devastating to your transformation. Since they can suck you dry of all the energy, you might be struggling just to survive the day. That’s why it is easy to fall back to all the old and familiar habits and lose all the success you have created thus far. And seeing this happen can demotivate you even more and cause a vicious cycle of failure.

How to avoid this:

· Make a bulletproof plan.

· When things go south (and they will):

· Remember what you are trying to achieve and don’t give in to the temptation to give up.

· Fall back to the basic routines and stick to those like your life depends on it.

Instead of draining more energy from you, they actually give you energy.

Those are:

· Regular sleep and daily rhythm

· Regular eating pattern

· Healthy food

· Time for recovery

· No toxic elements like alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs

Put your ambitious goals on hold - you are in a survival mode; you won’t need to be completing an epic life transformation at that point. This might cause you unneeded stress. You can always continue it later. Use the social support networks that you have built by then. Ruthlessly prioritize; all secondary things can be put on pause.

The most important thing is that you have thought and planned for those occasions before they happen. When they happen, you can automatically start to implement that plan. You might even want to write yourself a letter which you will read when things go bad. And remember - those episodes are always temporary. Even if you couldn’t hold on and lost all the success you had thus far, it doesn't matter. The rain stops at some point, and it is time to come out and start a new. Every new day is a new opportunity.