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These specific core exercise suggestions are appropriate for most women in the first, second, and third trimesters. They’re designed to keep you moving well, and may help you decrease the discomfort that often accompanies a changing pregnant body.

Three core exercises that may work well for you during pregnancy include:

1. Half-Kneeling Chop (Band or Cable)

2. Standing Pallof Press

3. Single - Arm Suitcase Carry

For detailed instructions refer to my YOU TUBE video library

Specific exercises can help a baby to get into a more optimal position for birth & help the mother prepare physically and mentally for the birth process. Some of these exercises also can help to reduce stiffness & pain. One of them is a swiss ball pelvic rok


1. Sit on a stability ball. Keep a neutral spine, with a slight arch in your lower back. You should feel your sit bones on the ball. Position your knees wide apart.

2. Put your hands on your pelvis/hip bones. Gently rock your pelvis in a circle to the left a few times.

3. Stop in the middle of a circle to check your seated alignment, then circle to the right a few times.

4. Stop and check your alignment again, then gently start rocking your pelvis back and forth, with slight tucking and arching.

5. Repeat the movements for the prescribed amount of time.


• Abrupt or forceful movements.

• Moving the whole body. Your head and rib cage should remain still, and the movement should focus on the lower part of the torso

For more pregnancy/postnatal related exercise videos please go to my you tube channel

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